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January 2016

McST Renews Appointment

MCST - Malta Council for Science & Technology renews appointment of CREDAL Business Consulting as consultants on the Research & Innovation Voucher programme. This was in response to a Call for Expressions of Interest for the provision of advisory support to researchers and industry players in preparation for the commercialisation of their ideas within local and/or foreign markets, through the framework of the FUSION Commercialisation Voucher Programme and Technology Development Programme.

The expression of interest was open to Service Providers specialising in the following areas: IP Check; Market Research and Product Development Costing (as a joint offering); Economic Impact and Risk Profile (as a joint offering); Initial Patent Registration; Business Plan; and Setting up of Investors Meetings. The main aim of this call is to assist local researchers and industry players with invaluable knowledge and skills which would allow them to meet the challenges that result from evolving their ideas to meet market requirements, leading to commercially viable developments. It is therefore fundamental that all services are tailored to the unique and specific requirements of the beneficiaries, within the local context, and, as necessary, within the international arena.

Over the period since its first appointment as consultant to this programme in 2014, D’Alessandro & Associates Ltd – CREDAL Business Consulting was entrusted with a number of projects in Market Research & Product Development Costing. These projects ranged from commercialisation of medical devices and equipment to fish farming.

In this call, D’Alessandro & Associates Ltd – CREDAL Business Consulting applied for appointment as Consultants on a broader range of services and was appointed as Consultant for:- Market Research and Product Development Costing (as a joint offering); Economic Impact and Risk Profile (as a joint offering); Business Plan; and Setting up of Investors Meetings.

December 2015

Workshop Programme - Corporate Governance Audit Compliance Cours

D’Alessandro & Associates Ltd as operators of CREDAL Business Consulting launched an update to its Workshop Programme - Corporate Governance Audit Compliance Course. On the basis of the Board Performance & Corporate Governance Framework developed by Stephen P. D’Alessandro as part of his research in 2009 for the Malta Institute of Management publication, Board Performance Evaluation & Corporate Governance Practices and based on the implementation of the ICGN Corporate Governance Principles. This workshop programme is based on a series of 8 half day sessions spread over a period of four weeks to give the participants time to work on the course deliverables which need to be presented from one week to the next.

This highly interactive trainer led programme focuses on how companies must actively establish, nurture, and preserve their reputations as part of management’s mission and accountability. It defines the role of the Board of Directors and establishes international best practices which support the CEO as the ultimate custodian of corporate reputation. Given such a responsibility, it is the Chairman of the Board who is ultimately responsible to ensure that the CEO does effectively safeguard and enhance the organisation’s reputation. In this respect, it will be the design and implementation of a suitable corporate governance programme that will allow the Chairman and the Board to monitor the manner in which the CEO fulfils these responsibilities.

Such a corporate governance programme must specifically tackle elements such as: ethics, workforce/processes, social responsibility, and charitable support. The Board must set guidelines as to the ethical standards it expects to be maintained throughout the organisation’s operations. Not only must it act ethically, it must be seen to be acting ethically by its stakeholders, and this calls for greater transparency and accountability at board level.

The Board needs to prioritise the importance of developing and maintaining corporate reputation along with the other operational goals and objectives set for the CEO and the executive team. This calls for an on-going investment in developing corporate governance programmes that ensure executives correctly implement the Board priorities to safeguard and enhance corporate reputation.
In difficult economic conditions, there may be a temptation to ‘push the limits’ and participate in projects which may be profitable by may not stand up to full scrutiny. It is the Board through the CEO that must provide the guidelines to ensure the right degree of prudence to balance the need for short term bottom line results and the concern with protecting what are probable an organisation’s greatest assets, its goodwill and reputation.

For more details on the workshop programme, kindly contact the course tutor, Mr. S. D’Alessandro on 2134 2704 or via email at office@tcin.com

December 2014

McST Appointment

MCST - Malta Council for Science & Technology appoints CREDAL Business Consulting operated by D’Alessandro & Associates Ltd as consultants on the Research & Innovation Voucher programme. The R&I Voucher Programme is designed to support researchers, micros and SMEs to seek the commercial potential of their research or to start new, or accelerate innovative activities and enhance their competitiveness through collaboration with R&D institutions or others.

The R&I Voucher Programme is a competitive call for proposals which will be evaluated via an evaluation procedure and is subject to rules and regulations and to availability of funds. This Programme is primarily intended to assist prospective applicants of the National R&I Programme in order to prepare themselves better in terms of project proposal and validation. It could also assist beneficiaries of previous or current National R&I Programmes as well as projects funded through the European FP7 Programme.

D’Alessandro & Associates Ltd – CREDAL Business Consulting will be providing consulting and related support services in Market Research & Product Development Costing as well as in Business Development via support for Investors’ Meetings.

December 2014

Advenio eAcademy was selected for the award of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE)

On the 1st December 2014 Advenio eAcademy was selected for the award of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) by the Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Agency (EACEA)of the European Commission. A panel of external experts provide assistance to the Evaluation committee in the review and evaluation of all applications against the award criteria indicated in the call for proposals. The evaluation decisions takes into consideration: (a) the eligibility decision of the National authority of the applicant’s country; (b) the formal eligibility verifications for conformity with the call for proposals eligibility criteria; (c) the evaluation and the recommendations of independent experts.

Through this award Advenio eAcademy has committed itself to implementing the activities funded by the Erasmus+ Programme in line with the fundamental principles of the Charter and to publishing its Erasmus Policy Statement on its website. In commenting on the successful award Mr. Stephen D’Alessandro, Managing Director of Advenio eAcademy, highlighted the importance of this as a first step to participation in international educational initiatives, but also as a required pre-requisite for Advenio eAcademy to be eligible for participation in the various Erasmus+ programmes and initiatives.

August 2014

Clive Scerri, Project Management Specialist at D’Alessandro & Associates Ltd. obtains CSM Certification in Agile project management

ScrumAlliance.org has granted Clive Scerri the Certified Scrum Master Certification; validating his eight years’ experience in contributing to the establishment of Scrum in various workplaces. The Scrum Alliance is a non-profit organization offering resources, certifications, training, and support for individuals and organizations in Scrum. Mr. Scerri’s local and international work experience in the field provide him with the experience essential to understand the particular contexts within which project management takes place in any organisation. Mr. Stephen D’Alessandro, Managing Director of D’Alessandro & Associates Ltd. highlighted the firm’s efforts to encourage best practice project development in Malta. In this context, the CSM certification promotes the firm’s ability to support high calibre training and development in Scrum, giving clients the full benefit of the company’s team of experts. Scrum is Agile Project Management technique for organisations working in environment with a high level ‘unknowns’. It provides a framework which gives the organisation the ability to anticipate changes so that they can develop tactics to realign resources in time to manage current and future stakeholder expectancies. The end result is the ability for the organisation to produce more value with its current resources – with a direct impact on the bottom line. Through its consultancy services, D’Alessandro and Associates Ltd. provides a helping hand and support to organisations interested introducing this successful project management technique. Mr. Scerri explained how as a Scrum Master, he acts as a ‘servant leader’, helping the Scrum team work together and learn the Scrum framework. He reiterated that, “The most important step in training Scrum Masters is in fact that of the need to take a step back and let the team manage their work. The Scrum Master’s role is to be the Scrum expert within the organisation and to protect the team by eliminating impediments which affect their flow of work”.

January 2014

July 2013

CREDAL Business Consulting launched a range of consultancy and support services to assist local SMEs to adopt and implement Agile project management techniques.

Earlier this month, D'Alessandro & Associates Ltd under the banner of CREDAL Business Consulting launched a range of consultancy and support services to assist local SMEs to adopt and implement Agile project management techniques. Agile methodologies were developed as a reaction to various obstacles that developed in traditional project management. Agile project management determines requirements for projects in a highly flexible and interactive manner. The objective is to increase the return on investment by focusing on the continuous flow of value through frequent interactions and shared ownership. Uncertainty is not avoided but expected and it is managed through iterations, anticipation, and adaptation. Creativity and innovation are unleashed by recognizing that individuals are the ultimate source of value, and creating an environment where they can make a difference.

The programme is led by Clive Scerri, an experienced Scrum Master with local and international experience in Agile project implementations, The highly customised and interactive programme allows clients to start off with simple applicaiton of core concepts and ends with the implementation of sophisticated Agile project management software applications than ensure full attention to detail no matter how big the organisation is.

May 2013

Advenio e-academy licensed by NCFHE

Advenio e-academy has been licensed by NCFHE as Malta’s first higher education institution licensed to deliver higher education virtual programmes.

To read press release click here

March 2013

International PR Network Globalcom PR publishes corporate governance contribution by Stephen D’Alessandro

Publication regarding traditional and modern perspectives on the concepts of corporate governance and board responsibility.

To read publication click here

October 2011

International PR network interviews Stephen D’Alessandro

The international PR network Globalcom PR interviews Stephen D’Alessandro regarding local prospects and developments.

To read interview click here

June 2011

Eurolynx Malta Representatives press release DG Markt

EU Citizens : share your single market story on www.tellusyourstory.eu Have you faced cross-border challenges, causing problems in your personal life or your business? Or did you discover excellent support and achieved success despite initial issues in your cross-border EU adventure? Go to www.tellusyourstory.eu and share your real-life story on travelling, working, doing business or living abroad inside Europe. Inspire the decisions on the future of the European Single Market! The five best stories will be filmed and you can be invited to the Single Market Forum in Cracow, Poland.

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May 2011

Launch of MIM-EBLearn

Stephen D’Alessandro, Managing Director of CREDAL Business Consulting was the speaker at a seminar organised by the Society for Education, titled “Creating Value in E-Business”. The seminar provided a senior management perspective to the organisational challenge of utilising on-line technologies to create value to stakeholders. The content material of this seminar is now available to registered users of CBC EBLearn, the on-line e-learning platform maintained by CREDAL Business Consulting for clients and registered users.

March 2011

Launch of EBLearn

Stephen D’Alessandro, Managing Director of Credal Business Consulting led the Malta Institute of Management delegation to China for participation in the 16th CIEET (China International Education Exhibition Tour) in Bejing and Shanghai. The MIM is utilising EB-Learn, the e-learning platform developed by E-business Systems, the web development and support service arm of CREDAL Business Consulting.

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January 2016

McST Renews Appointment